Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sustainable Community

CNG Pump at Washington City's Fueling Station.
In local government these days we use the word "Sustainability." The definition of this word can mean "conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources." We believe that one of the most attractive qualities of Washington City, is its natural beauty, clean air, and good quality of life. It has been our desire to preserve these wonderful attributes even as we have grown. In fact, we believe that this is largely one of the reasons Washington City has been one of the top five fastest growing communities in the state.

The avoiding of depletion of natural resources is so important to us that we have one of the most stringent Hillside and Ridgeline building requirements, so as not to deplete the natural beauty of our bluffs and mesas. Our recently constructed buildings include the use of natural lighting and the burning of our own waste oil, generated by our vehicles, for heating. We are doing all that we can to reduce our carbon footprint and be good stewards with our natural resources.

A significant sustainability issue that Washington City has been working on for some time, is the conversion of our city vehicle fleet from oil dependent gasoline to more cleaner natural gas. We partnered up with Clean Cities Utah and secured grant funding to open a natural gas fueling station as well as convert a large number of our fleet over to gas. This conversion not only will preserve our clean air and help reduce our oil dependency but it has come with some substantial cost savings. To give you an example, after the first month with having only six vehicles converted to natural gas, the city has already saved over $800 from what would have been paid for gasoline or diesel fuel. This means that once this first round of fleet conversions have occurred, we should be regularly saving about $3,200 per month by using natural gas rather than fuel.

We look forward to continuing to make steps to preserve all the beauties that this area has to offer and to be a responsible government with our resources. If you have other ideas that the city can pursue, please let one of us know. After all this is our home as well and we love it!

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